Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Victory Square - Vancouver Public Library - Robson Square

Cold Day. November 14th.
A couple of days after Remembrance Day.

wreaths all around the cenotaph, commemorating the lives lost at war.
solemn. respect. honor.

It was a windy day. The wreaths were blown down from the racks.

Across from the street is this beautiful building, housing OPUS, an store selling art supplies,

There's a group of people lingering there. I didn't want to stand too close not didn't want them to know I was taking photos of them. Hooray for optical and digital zoom.

They are just enjoying the day here at the park.

The tall "flatiron" building on the right is the Woodward Building. I think it's gorgeous.

Here it is again from a different view. The masonry walkways very distinctive of this part of town. (Also seen in Yaletown and bricks in Gastown).

The group had diminished to two people.
Note the awesome lamp posts with the helmet covers. Very creative I thought.

Here comes the strange group of people. I still can't figure out where they came from. They look like students but they don't...

Some sketchy action going on down there...

This man was riding his shopping cart around and around the park.

On the right is the little platform area with colourful mural around the side.

The heated topic: Woodward Building.
The red facade makes it very trendy.

Off I go to the Vancouver Public Library.
Built in 1995.

I like this photo of the biker in the front.

The tower structure on the left is an office building and the elliptical structure on the right is the library itself.

The courtyard connecting the tower and the library no only provided natural lighting from above, it provided lighting for the seats located by the glass windows.
Private businesses run along the left hand side.
Bulletin board located in the center.

Blue dome on top.
Cameraman. Really intense.
GE advertisement

Vancouver Art Gallery.
Note the lingering homeless people in front of this place.

Facing south: the sheraton tower is visible.
Facing North, the lights from the buildings and the Christmas lights on Robson is so pretty.
Taken from the walkway on top of the courtyard. Looking down, the blue is the Ice Rink.