Tuesday, May 29, 2012

{{ 2012 }}

We have high expectations of ourselves. When we start to fail ourselves with those expectations, we grow less ambitious and less confident. It's until we see something extraordinary, are we inspired to pick up from where we left off, to convince ourselves that the drive is still there. Inspiration is much needed in our lives in this cruel world. It can be found anywhere and it can affect us in the most vulnerable ways.

This is one of the most beautiful films I have watched recently. It's pure. It's real. It's absolutely gorgeous. I am reminded of the different kinds of people in this world. Each of us have our own stubborness yet no one but ourselves can really sway our own perspective of the world. Our families and cultural backgrouncs make us who we are as a person, but it's the people we meet, the places we see, the experiences we have that change us profoundly. 

It's never too late to try something new. It's never too wrong to take a leap. It is however a great disappointment to give up on ourselves. So do as they say and live life to the fullest. Absorb the beauty that is so easily camouflaged by reality. People who see the beauty of the world are not naive and ignorant, they are simply happy and appreciative. And that's how it should be.