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summer 2009

June 16, 2009

Narita Airport, Tokyo, Japan

It has been a long time since I last visited Japan. The memories of my last trip to Japan involved Disneyland, biggest snowstorm in 10 years and me crying in my daddy's arms. Although I've watched Japanese dramas and picked up common phrases here and there, I was still astonished and overwhelmed to see Japan in real life and was absolutely clueless about what people were saying. 

The shops in the airport were so cool. They have all sorts of traditional crackers and candies. They were all so delicately made that it's painful to consume. 

So many goodies

Ramen, Ramen, Yummy Ramen. 

I thought this was adorable. 
This counter is for customers to enjoy the traditional ramen while standing up. 

This is my first time taking JAL. I was very very impressed. It's definitely the best airline I've been on. The service is outstanding and the food is unlike the other airplane food. It's actually delicious! I used to dread the meal times when taking EVA or Cathay, but JAL meal time is something to look forward to. 

Unlike EVA and Cathay, whose flights depart from Vancouver around 1 or 2 am and arrive in Kaohsiung in the late morning, JAL depart from Vancouver around 1 or 2 pm and arrive in Kaohsiung in the evening. I prefer the EVA/Cathay flight times, but I prefer JAL flights. Note: the JAL seats are more comfortable. 

I didn't sleep much during our international flight because there was a kid who pretty much cried the entire 10 hours. It was unbearable and exhausting. The JAL flight line is from Vancouver to Tokyo and then to Kaohisung City. There was no trouble with luggage, which was great. Everything went smoothly. 

Now I'm back on the formosa. I'm ready to record the life here bit by bit. 

what's ahead?

Be brave and courageous. 

Go with the flow.

Panini for lunch

Second time making bread. The first time I made foccacia: rosemary and jalepeno with cheese. This is a farmer's loaf. It's very very dense. When it is done, the bread sounds hollow when you hit it at the bottom. 

We made panini from the bread. We made an eggplant casserole the day before and used it as fillings for the panini. 

I love having a panini press. 


I'm drowning

I'm alone

I'm bleeding

I'm empty

I'm drowning

apple goodness

first time making a tart

apple tart


summer is here

nutella and banana crepe, anyone?