Monday, November 30, 2009

{{ early grad gift }}

shhh, originally uploaded by broiche.

I am stoked.

I am very stoked.

My Sony Ericsson was pretty awesome, but it was time to say goodbye. Not only was the battery completely retarded, this piece of metal sometimes just decides not to show missed calls, voicemails, texts, etc...I started the Sony Ericsson 4 years ago - second hand from my brother. It was exciting for me because I never had a phone before then. Now that I'm old and gray and more mature and perhaps - i like to think this way- a little more knowledgeable of the world, I strive for something better.

Even though graduation isn't until May of 2010, my old phone was making me pretty miserable. On top of that, the battery for my ipod was questionable aussi. All in all, I received my grad gift early!

I should've started my paper last night when I got home around 9:30pm. Instead, I received my little surprise from my mum and I started playing with it like a little kid for a good 2 or 3 hours. It was sweet. It was very sweet. It was so sweet that toffee is considered bitter.

The cover is pretty sweet as well. I think it suits me quite well: weird, awkward, shy etc.. I love it!

I am extremely excited to have an iphone and like i said, i am super stoked.

Thanks Parents!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

{{ a thought: calm down to move forward }}

sing if you must, but quit thinking too much.

Let's focus. Let's concentrate. Let's get it done!

{{ a flickr: beyond the surface }}

The Great Wall of Bokehistan, originally uploaded by rogvon.

Things we cannot see are often scarier than the things we can see

Friday, November 27, 2009

{{ 走不動 }}

為了寫兩個final paper
有很多書要看 做reference
雖然兩個paper的due date已經延到7號







{{ a flickr: desire for rejuvenation }}

, originally uploaded by la_sendi.

Things haven't been going smoothly lately: school, personal, relationships. This photo presents to me an expression of hope and comfort, reassuring me that all will be well. It could be worst.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

{{ love }}

on dirait le sud, originally uploaded by Just Lae.

He loves and she loves,
And they love
So why can't you love
And I love too?
Birds love and bees love
And whispering trees love,
And that's what we both should do.

{{ a flickr: soothing aroma }}

Lavender Field in Provence, originally uploaded by MesmanImages.

The rich color of the lavender contrasts with the spotting greens, yet blends in so well overall with the environment.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

{{ Toes out! }}

Today was not only a long, tiresome day, i encountered some weird, rude, unfriendly people. In order to relieve my stress due to academic engagements and personal affairs, i resort to 3 things: i eat, i watch films, i blog. It is too time consuming to do all three combined therefore I chose to eat, not in huge amounts, and blog. I played around with polyvore, which is something I haven't played with since 10 months ago. I kind of wish it was the summer where I can feel the sun on my skin and wear pretty shoes that can show off my toes. But summer's gone and Vancouver is already one month into its rainy season. Boohoo. Anyway, I read something in a book today that really should be the motto of everybody's life: le bon vivre!

{{ breakfast! Egg in a hole! }}

inspired by SimplyBreakfast

egg in a hole is delicious! The last time i made it, i made it in a bagel and had thin slices of yellow cheddar. Very filling.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

{{ Epistemology }}

ledoux, claude: coup-d'oeil du theatre de Besancon

Epistemology (n.) the theory of knowledge, esp. with regard to its methods, validity, and scope. Epistemology is the investigation of what distinguishes justified belief from opinion.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

{{ La Tour Eiffel a 120 ans }}

The famous Eiffel Tower turned 120 this year. A new set of lights are installed and are "performed" from 8 to 11pm every night. Paris is beautiful and one day I shall live here. Paris is incomparable to any other city in my opinion. Hitler, infamous for looting, destroying and killing, visited Paris once. One of the many reasons that he didn't destroy Paris was because of his fascination with the architecture and urban layout of the city. I wish to go. I wish to go soon.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

{{ 沒有煩惱的日子 }}



最近 學校很忙



{{ The love for Bikram }}

In the period of yogaless lifestyle due to my injured knees, I began to suffer chronic shoulder, neck and chest pains. On top of these are irksome migraines. After injuring my knees from participating the Sun Run 2 years ago, I was getting pain simply from walking. The pain was so severe that I didn't dare to go back to Bikram.

After seeing the doctor about my physical pains, he told me that they were probably due to my constant tense muscles. I know I'm always tense but never did I realize that this would be the cause of so much discomfort. I finally decided to start Bikram again.

Saturday was my first day back. I am sincerely glad. I love Bikram. I love the instructors and how encouraging and motivating they can be. I always get so emotional in the class and I'm not really sure why. I feel completely vulnerable yet completely myself. I feel the urge to be better, to improve, to love, to appreciate, and to surpass myself.

Our bodies are strong. It is our minds that are weak. Yoga connects our bodies with our minds. Bikram makes me feel physically and mentally strong. It makes me feel courageous. It drives me forward. It calms me. It balances me.

It fixes me.

Friday, November 13, 2009

{{ Grocery list }}

Things I wish to buy:

  • Fig Jam
  • Maple Syrup
  • Raspberries
  • Blueberries
  • Apples
  • Yellow Tomatoes
  • Cob's Coffee & Date Loaf
  • Steel cut oatmeal
  • fresh carrots
  • yellow split pea
  • Patisserie Bordeaux's almond croissant

{{ Artflick 101 }}

The Department of Art History at UBC provides movie screenings (mostly documentaries) every other Tuesday. The first film they showed was about a young kid artist who's apparently super famous. The name of the girl and the film escapes me and hopefully I'll remember it eventually. The most recent film and the first one I've actually gone to see was shown on Tuesday titled "The Rape of Europa." The documentary is based on a book The Rape of Europa: The Fate of Europe's Treasures in the Third Reich and the Second World War by Lynn Nicholas. This is a story of Nazi Germany's plungering of Europe's great works of art during World War II. This movie introduced to me a new level of history and art. I was so intrigued and interested by this emotional film that it was hard to even blink my eyes.

Hitler was mad, but he was also mad about art. This film is impetus to my interest in WWII and art. The focused paintings shown in the film that really caught my attention were Gustav Klimt's Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer and Raphael's Portrait of a Young Man.

Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer is a painting filled with mystery. It's a wonderfully detailed oil painting with silver and gold on canvas. Portrait of a Young Man is oil on canvas. It's beautifully coloured and displayed the intricate use of light and shade.

Raphael's Portrait of a Young Man is among the three most wanted art works by the Nazi Government. The other two being Leonardo's Lady with an Ermine and Rembrant's Landscape with Good Samaritan. Both of these two paintings have been recovered after the war and currently located in Czartoryski Museum in Krakow and in a private collection, respectively. Raphael's famous piece is yet to be found.

Art makes us human. Art reminds us of the significant of antiquary and the purity of origins. History is buried in people, in places and in things. It is continuously being made and discovered, learned and interpreted.

{{ Great leaders of our world }}

In my construction and engineering management class, a British guest speaker talked to us about people management and leadership. When asked who we thought are good leaders, these names came up:

George Bush (echem)
M. Thatcher
Nelson Mandella
Bob Marley
Steve Jobs
Steve Nash
Bono (wtf)
Mother Teresa
Martin Luther King


Optimus Prime

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

{{ Error! Problem Found! }}

originally uploaded by emshim.

So I finally realized what my problem is.

1. I don't get enough sleep.
2. I am tired all the time.
3. I have a lot of stuff to do.
4. I eat to keep myself awake.
5. I eat to keep myself awake.
6. I eat not because I'm hungry.
7. I eat to keep myself awake.

Goal: get enough sleep

{{ Must Visit Soon }}

originally uploaded by emshim.

Patisserie Lebeau

I haven't been for weeks, actually months. We had planned on going, but we can never find the time when everybody's available.

Soon. I promise. Soon.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

{{ Vegas: A Trip to Remember }}

Departing UBC!

We got on the charter bus and headed south. Going through the border was a pain in the ass but it went quite swiftly. We stopped by McD shortly after the border to grab breakfast/brunch. I had the worst breakfast/brunch of my life. I didn't get worked up about it because meh, we're going to Vegas! It's funny how things look very differently once you cross the border. I'm not sure if it's the way things look, the environment, the people or just my mind playing games. Either way, I didn't pay much attention to the surrounding because we watched "Hangover" on the bus. This was my first time watching this movie and I thought it a suitable movie for this trip =)

Like I said, there wasn't much to look at during our bus ride until we drove through Seattle. I'm intrigued by Seattle and even though it isn't very big and it's located right by the highway, I'd like to visit. It's a shame that I've never really visited Seattle since I live just hours away. My mum and I are planning to visit Seattle over the holidays and I think that'd be quite nice.

We arrived at the airport and had time to kill. I'm so used to the type and selection of food we have in Canada that American food was well, not very healthy. I'm sure there are lots of fine dining places with healthy food, but the places we've gone weren't one of those. I had a panini at the airport which was just filled with grease. Since wasting food isn't in my personal agenda, I ate the entire thing. Feeling completely nasty after my huge, greasy, cheesy-with-zero-vegetables panini, I had to finish my meal with a pint of beer!

Yay, Eric was up for it! Our first legal purchase of alcohol in the States! I ventured myself and got an IPA, which was extremely difficult to drink at the time. I was about 2 sips from finishing my drink when we realized that we had a plane to catch! Oops, gotta go!

Halloween! I'm pretty sure I haven't dressed up for Halloween since like Grade 8. I know, I know, it's lame. Everybody should dress up for Halloween no matter how old you are. It's a way of keeping ourselves young. I guess I've just been way too lazy in the past. I know for sure that I'm going to be dressing up every year now!

Note: My plan to dress up as Cleopatra and Ryan as Mark Antony totally fell through. Maybe next year... for sure next year!

Anyway, my roomies for Vegas were my "fourth year friends"! (Ha!) Gwenda dressed up as Cruella deville and Kaori, Behin and myself are her little b*ches (I mean dolmatians..). Our costumes were done in a hurry the day before but they turned out alright! Halloween in Vegas was one of the most interesting events. Everybody's dressed up. Everybody's tipsy. Everybody's having a blast!

There were only about a million Waldos. They were easy to spot!

When I visited Macau earlier in the summer, I wanted to watch a Cirque de Soleil show; however, there were no performances during the days that I was there. Not only was I disappointed, I didn't get to see much of Macau because of who I was traveling with - elderly relatives.

To make up for this loss, I was extremely excited to see a show in Vegas. There were about 6 Cirque de Soleil shows plus many other different ones such as the Blue Man Group. "O" was showing at Bellagio but the tickets for this show were way beyond our budgets. A whole group of us decided to go see "Love". I was definitely in the mood for some Beatles. We ended up paying around $60.00 per ticket with balcony seats. We didn't think too much at the time because we were pretty happy with the price that we were paying. Once we got to the theater and headed for our seats, the people working there stopped us and told us that they were going to upgrade our seats! "Holy F*, Really?" We ended up being in the "3RD ROW". It was pretty ridiculous because another friend of ours payed ~$75.00 for like the 7th or 8th row. We were beyond bliss. The stage was set in the center of the theater so really, every seat had incredible view.

The show was unlike anything I've seen before. I've seen plays, broadways, musicals, but nothing like this. Listening to the Beatles brought nostalgia and comfort. I couldn't stop humming "All you need is love" the rest of the night! The show was creative, engaging and mesmerizing. I wish we could've seen more shows!

The rest of this specific night consisted of me getting ridiculously drunk (a happy, talkative, loud drunk). There was a part of the night which I didn't remember,but that's okay. I had a blast. Obviously, not so much the next day. I totally missed our visit to UNLV and the water treatment facility/construction site. I wish I had gone but I was in no shape to get out of bed. I tried and even went on the Monorail with some of the guys from the trip who stayed at the hotel that day as well. I traveled one station before getting off the Monorail and headed back to the hotel and back to bed.

We spent the next day just doing some last minute shopping and sight-seeing.

I wish I wasn't so sick on the 3rd night and that I was up for more drinking. People had a blast at the club that night -Jet. Even though I missed out on this, I still had a great time in Vegas. I met a lot of people that I've never talked to in class. I've gotten to know more about some people. It was great that the Grad trip was so early on in the year.

The trip was a success and thanks to all who organized it!