Wednesday, November 18, 2009

{{ The love for Bikram }}

In the period of yogaless lifestyle due to my injured knees, I began to suffer chronic shoulder, neck and chest pains. On top of these are irksome migraines. After injuring my knees from participating the Sun Run 2 years ago, I was getting pain simply from walking. The pain was so severe that I didn't dare to go back to Bikram.

After seeing the doctor about my physical pains, he told me that they were probably due to my constant tense muscles. I know I'm always tense but never did I realize that this would be the cause of so much discomfort. I finally decided to start Bikram again.

Saturday was my first day back. I am sincerely glad. I love Bikram. I love the instructors and how encouraging and motivating they can be. I always get so emotional in the class and I'm not really sure why. I feel completely vulnerable yet completely myself. I feel the urge to be better, to improve, to love, to appreciate, and to surpass myself.

Our bodies are strong. It is our minds that are weak. Yoga connects our bodies with our minds. Bikram makes me feel physically and mentally strong. It makes me feel courageous. It drives me forward. It calms me. It balances me.

It fixes me.

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