Saturday, October 31, 2009

monday night

Went to see this movie on Monday. It was a free screening at 5th Ave Cinema. It was a really classy cinema. There's even a balcony! The movie was very entertaining, very comical. It was a spontaneous, fun night for Ryan and I. It was fun.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

When you're stressed, get away!

Life is pretty hectic right now..

apple and cinnamon and brown sugar with oats is one solution.

photo via SimplyBreakfast

The weather has been strange lately.
During my walk to Save-on on Saturday, I felt almost "hot". The sun was blazing with the sky bright blue.
On Sunday, a couple of us went to the last Farmer's market of the year in Kits. The weather was gray and the ground, slimy and wet.
Today, it's windy. It's very windy. It poured this morning when I left the house. Now, the sun comes and goes. It's bright then it's dark.
Strange weather.

photo via coco+kelley

Let's get away to a place far far away. Provence sounds lovely. It's probably getting cold there now as well, but that's okay. I'll imagine Provence summers with lavenders and sunflowers... I long for freshly baked bread with cheese and delicious baked pasta with wine.

Memories live on. They are there to help me get through hard times.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

ah woooooooo

I went to see this movie on Saturday night.

I didn't grow up here so I've never heard about this book until quite recently. Scarfe didn't any any copies left because everyone wanted to read it before seeing the movie. Luckily, I came across a copy in the Bookstore and read it in all of 5 minutes. The illustrations were pretty amazing and the story, very creative. So i didn't know what to expect from the movie. I've heard mixed reviews and wondered how the movie could be 101 minutes. The music for the trailer sounded pretty awesome, so I looked forward to the soundtrack for the movie.

We arrived at Scotiabank theater around 6:15 for the 7pm show after getting some food from Johnny's Pizza ( a tad of disappointment with the food), and the lineup was already huge. The majority of the people weren't kids, which is ironic. After waiting for 45 minutes, in line and in the theater watching boring advertisements, the movie finally started.

Not to spoil any details, I was fully awake one minute after the movie started.

I like it. It's beautifully filmed. It's creative and touching. I think it speaks out to individuals who feel isolated at times, even in the presence of other people;especially in the presence of other people. The music is beautiful and it definitely adds to the effect of removing the audience to a different world. I really enjoyed the movie and I most definitely think that the movie isn't suitable for young children.

Monday, October 12, 2009

putting a smile on my face

I am absolutely inspired by all the creative projects and photos and artworks you find floating around the internet. This "bow" is soo adorable and it suits the model very well. The technology today allows us to obtain unlimited information and it seems impossible to see and learn it all! Bit by bit we slowly absorb, but time is definitely a factor! How do you find the time to do all the things you want to do, and the things that you have planned to do? This can lead to madness and frustration. Emotional instability and overeating, which may have happened today when we had the most awesome Thanksgiving dinner ever, are my symptoms for ill time management. Good food is no cure for frustration. Great food is anesthesia to numb the mind. Looking through blogs and seeing pretty photos of people and things is the remedy for a troubled mind! This photo made my day. It often amazes me how such small of a thing can change my mood and thus my day. It's good. People should just try to be positive all the time.

It was good to be home for the long weekend. A day or two in a different city reminds me of how lucky I am. There's a house to go back to. There's a kitchen with all the ingredients you need to make a feast. There's comfort and there's warmth. There's family and there's love.

Also, there's Mount Royal bagels...

photo via ilovemuffins

Friday, October 9, 2009


Pen and paper, originally uploaded by Mack2.

I had a midterm today. It was an urban studies course titled "Cities". When I checked out the course last school year, I was extremely excited about it. It has been awhile since I've taken an arts course. Anyway, so I came out of classroom feeling completely stupefied. Writing used to be easy, or at least easier, for me. Now I can't seem to organize my thoughts into words. It's really frustrating. My midterm paper probably had more lines crossed out than lines with words so please excuse my ranting.

I came home, not wanting to study right away, watched an episode of gossip girl. This made me feel a little better, but still not 100% great.

I'm looking forward to something good happening soon.