Wednesday, October 21, 2009

ah woooooooo

I went to see this movie on Saturday night.

I didn't grow up here so I've never heard about this book until quite recently. Scarfe didn't any any copies left because everyone wanted to read it before seeing the movie. Luckily, I came across a copy in the Bookstore and read it in all of 5 minutes. The illustrations were pretty amazing and the story, very creative. So i didn't know what to expect from the movie. I've heard mixed reviews and wondered how the movie could be 101 minutes. The music for the trailer sounded pretty awesome, so I looked forward to the soundtrack for the movie.

We arrived at Scotiabank theater around 6:15 for the 7pm show after getting some food from Johnny's Pizza ( a tad of disappointment with the food), and the lineup was already huge. The majority of the people weren't kids, which is ironic. After waiting for 45 minutes, in line and in the theater watching boring advertisements, the movie finally started.

Not to spoil any details, I was fully awake one minute after the movie started.

I like it. It's beautifully filmed. It's creative and touching. I think it speaks out to individuals who feel isolated at times, even in the presence of other people;especially in the presence of other people. The music is beautiful and it definitely adds to the effect of removing the audience to a different world. I really enjoyed the movie and I most definitely think that the movie isn't suitable for young children.

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