Wednesday, November 25, 2009

{{ Toes out! }}

Today was not only a long, tiresome day, i encountered some weird, rude, unfriendly people. In order to relieve my stress due to academic engagements and personal affairs, i resort to 3 things: i eat, i watch films, i blog. It is too time consuming to do all three combined therefore I chose to eat, not in huge amounts, and blog. I played around with polyvore, which is something I haven't played with since 10 months ago. I kind of wish it was the summer where I can feel the sun on my skin and wear pretty shoes that can show off my toes. But summer's gone and Vancouver is already one month into its rainy season. Boohoo. Anyway, I read something in a book today that really should be the motto of everybody's life: le bon vivre!

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