Friday, January 30, 2009

Ottavio Cafe in Oak Bay

Last weekend when I was back in Victoria, mother and I decided to visit this cafe in Oak Bay that we've heard so much about. Ottavio is an Italian Bakery and Delicatessen located in the Oak Bay village. I must admit, I never go to the Oak Bay village. It's quite a ways away from where I live and it would require many transfers to get there by public transportation. 

We had grilled panini that were very delectable. I love the atmosphere and the things they sell there. There's bread, cookies, baked goods, salamis, cheeses, imported crackers and sauces, freshly made dips and spreads. I love everything about it. I like it almost as much as pure vanilla. Pure vanilla is a little smaller and doesn't sell as much stuff, but it is cozy. The food there is delicious, especially there panini, soup and salad. The selection for baked goods is smaller but all the baked goods are absolutely beautiful. The patio at the back and the interior both look very inviting. I haven't been for awhile, but I'll make sure to take some photos next time I go. 

 I should try some sometime

they look absolutely delicious

The brioches they sell looked absolutely yummy but I was way too full to eat another one. And when I've decided that I'm going to buy one to bring home, they were all gone...

Families bring their children to the cafe, each with their own toques and scarves. They were adorable. It was these little angels who were munching on the brioches that I wanted!

I liked the crow

This little store besides the cafe looks equally inviting

There is another cafe that I want to try in Victoria called Cascadia Bakery, which I heard it one of the best! I don't know when I'll go back to Victoria again, but I intend to discover more delicious places in Vancouver, which I am sure there are many. 

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