Monday, May 11, 2009


Vancouver is one of the leading cities of sustainability in Canada. Today I went to EPIC Expo (Sustainability Living Expo, Green Living Exhibition) that is held in the newly expanded Vancouver Convention Center. We've been getting beautiful weather here in Vancouver yet I don't have my camera here to take photographs. Anyway, the building looks dashing in the sun. The green roof and the peculiar exterior shape of the building make it one of the most unique buildings in Vancouver. The interior is just as impressive. The wooden panels on the ceiling made it very, well.. West Coast. 

I bought a pair of earrings today from the Expo. This vancouver based brand is Billy Would. I've forgotten how much I adore wooden jewelry. Along with beautiful jewelry, the business card is absolutely adorable. 

There was a fashion show while I was there, and there were some very unique, sustainable, stylish and comfy looking clothes. I really liked this green top by Rio Rain but the sizes they had were too big for me. 

I really want shoes and clothes...

PS Had an almond croissant from Patisserie Bordeaux for breakfast. I think I might actually try something different next time - Pain au Chocolat. 

PSS I am in love with the miche bread from Patisserie Bordeaux. I bought a loaf and ate half a loaf within the hour. It's 'that' delicious. 

What's my next green step?

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