Tuesday, September 15, 2009

my new favourite piece of art

I've recently fallen in love with lipsticks.

Growing up, it has always been about flavoured chapsticks, fruity lip balms, and shiny lip glosses. They smell good and they make your lips pretty. However, nothing makes the lips sexier than the use of lipsticks.

I was a bit late on picking up the trend of lipsticks. I bought my first one at the airport this summer: Shu uemura OR 530. This beautiful rose colour immediately caught my eyes and I chose it without hesitation.

I don't know if it is the personality changing, hormones rising, or just pure aging, I have become profoundly attracted to the world of red.

I used to be a tomboy who'd wear oversized t-shirts with sweatpants or tear-aways. I'd wear my brother's basketball shorts because I thought it made me look cool. I'd wear baggy jeans and caps. I'd kill myself before I'd put on a skirt. I didn't believe in makeup. All in all, I was not fashionable.

Now, I admit I like materialistic beauty. "Natural" makeup is flawless but sharp and colourful makeup is creative. It's exciting and it's extravagant. It's a different type of beauty and a different expression of the art. Each summer I travel to different countries and perhaps different continents. I observe the different attitudes each trend possesses. I take pieces of ideas to form my own style, like the making of a quilt. Our clothes define who we are. It's important to take the time and effort to appreciate the quality and design.

To conclude, I plan to purchase more lipsticks.

Add a little blush and you become your world's favourite person.

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