Wednesday, August 11, 2010

{{ You only get one Dad }}

"Eight" is an auspicious number in the Chinese culture. This is probably because the word 'eight' sounds very similar to the word for 'bringing fortune'. The word 'eight' also sounds like the word for 'dad'. Thus, August 8 sounds like the word 'father'. Every year on August 8, the Taiwanese people celebrate Father's Day*.

* I don't think this is the case for Mainland Chinese or Hkers. August 8 is only celebrated by Taiwanese.

Sunday, August 8

We got all dressed up to go to our Father's day lunch/family reunion at the Ambassador Hotel. Mama had booked this reservation (more than) a week in advance since the restaurant in this hotel is a popular place for family gatherings. Many members of my family showed up, including an uncle who I haven't seen in years. It was so lovely to see my little cousin, who is going into grade 12. So much pressure is put on him because his university entry examination will be coming up shortly. He's a good kid and he works so hard to make his parents proud.

My great aunt and uncle are very close with my family. I have known them my entire life and they are the most wonderful people I know. My great aunt kept speaking Chinese to Ryan, telling him that she can and will only speak Chinese to him from now on. Her intention was simple, to force him to learn Chinese ASAP! Ha, but as we all know too well, learning a new language is easier said than done.

One of my uncles brought some bottles of wine to have with dinner. The white Chateauneuf-du-Papes and a German riesling were among them. The riesling was sweeter than most and was a good aperitif. We had mediocre red bordeaux with our main dishes. It's almost a waste to have delicate bordeaux with Chinese food. It is not because the food is not delicious (IT IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING), but the authentic taste of traditional Chinese cuisine just isn't compatible with most delicate European wine. I don't drink many white wines, but this bottle of Chateauneuf was unlike anything I've had before. The rich flavor lingers long after the sip.

After lunch, we went to the courtyard on 4th floor to take some photos. More on facebook.

I like family gatherings. There are promises for more, now that I'm back in Taiwan for awhile. I look forward to see my relatives more and I loo
k forward to spending Chinese holidays here in REAL CHINA TOWN.

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