Friday, September 24, 2010

{{ free fish anyone? }}

The day after the typhoon hit, we were left with only one scooter. My dad's scooter, which had been left at his friend's house, had been covered by water. In other words, it needed a visit to the repair shop.

My dad took me around the neighborhood to observe the aftermath of Fanapi. Piles and piles of ruined furniture lined up along narrow streets. Big pipes were seen to pump out water from several houses and underground parking lots. Fallen trees and signs were visible everywhere. It was a depressing sight.

The soldiers were here to help.

During this devastating time, I came across a happier scenery. The fish farms nearby had overflown, which left the fishes out and about! In some parts of my neighborhood where residue of the flood was still apparent, people of different ages were here to catch free fish!

Lost and gain. It's all part of the experience.

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