Sunday, March 6, 2011

{{ Maybe one day we can go there }}

Recently I've been thinking about my life and how both amazing and ridiculous it can be. I'm in the process of learning to enjoy life more, not letting the little things get to me. At the end of the day, what's the use of wasting time on frowns and anxiety? Yes, we are only human and we can be emotionally unstable. Yes, we are only human and we can be selfish. The Stones said that "we can't always get what we want", but that doesn't mean we want others to have it either.

It's easy to think too much when you're alone and it's difficult to distract the minds from the thoughts. It's painful to learn the truth. It makes you feel hopelessly empty when he doesn't anymore have eyes only for you. The world is endless and full of possibilities that nobody can be certain of. Yet, when it's just the two of you, life can be so balanced, almost perfect. Why is that?

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  1. =)
    Dear april,
    It's very nice to see you continue writing on your blog. Even though I haven't talked to you and heard from you for a while, your words still make me touched. How are you?

    I've also been thinking about life and, more importantly, happiness in life recently. I guess when we grow older, we get to know this complicated world more and more but still want to live a happy and simple life. I find it's a great challenge to have them balanced (at least for me right now).

    However, I still tell myself to "try" to be optimistic and grateful at all time. We are fortunate in what we're having now.

    miss you tons =)