Wednesday, November 16, 2011

feeling special

It's saying a lot to have the dom as a pre-dinner drink. I mean, at least for someone in my position. We were invited to a birthday party, his 13th one this year. Just by looking at the guests, one can see that he is a pretty well-respected person.

The other drinks are all finely selected. The Chapelle Chambertin had a rosey smell to it, thought I do prefer the Griotte Chambertin. The 1955 armagnac de Montal, his birthyear, was absolutely magnificent.

For appetizers, we had fresh oysters imported from France, Iberico jamon melon wraps from Spain and assorted cheese. Yum yum yum...Oh, and mussles in little staub containers. The mussles were delectable. I counted, I had 17 mussles in here. Here are the before and after pictures.

For the main course, I chose steak over fish and duck confit. Looks delicious eh? The hawaiian salt was very unique. It's coarse and dark gray in color. It was a dash of heaven with the steak.

So here you go, delicious food, fabulous night.

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