Sunday, January 25, 2009

The sign of spring?

I was sitting in my room yesterday and felt a gentle warmth on my face. I looked out my window and couldn't believe how beautiful the day was. The sunshine was hinting that the warm seasons were about to commence. This is better than good news. I have had enough of the cold, bitter winter Vancouver has been getting. 

I made this bookmark couple of days ago at the SUB during a session of UBC Beads and Crafts Event. I like the colours, but the silver wire wasn't my original choice. One of my clovers looks funny because near the end of my project, one piece broke off. Since I didn't have enough wire to make it all pretty again, my clover leaves aren't all the same sizes. 

I am finding time out of my busy engineering school work to do a lot of arts stuff, such as photography, sketching, fashion drawing, crafts etc etc...

I like the colours of this picture. The blue is so mesmerizing. 

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