Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunset from the strait

Sunset from the strait, originally uploaded by broiche.

This is the first time that I've been on the Coastal Celebration since its first sail sometime in late October or mid November. It's a very nicely designed ferry. There is a lot more seating spaces and the seats are more comfortable too! The cafeteria and the buffet are located at each end of the ferry to avoid chaotic lineups that form in the old ferries that block other passengers walking by. The outer deck is located on the highest deck and there is a huge open space to walk around, as well as seating areas with patio furniture at each end of the ferry.

I took the 5pm ferry and was lucky enough to see a serene sunset. Because it was extremely windy and cold, I got a lot of blurry photographs.

I like this photo because the ocean looks so surreal and the colours are very soft. You can even see a bright star, perhaps Venus, at the top.

It is kind of nice to observe all these things by yourself. You reconnect with yourself in a bizarre kind of way.

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