Wednesday, February 11, 2009

coco et olive - my new favourite place

I have been talking about going to coco et olive for the longest time. Today I finally did. Coco et Olive is located in Kitsilano near Alma. There is a 17 bus stop right outside of the cafe. If you take the B-line and get off at the Alma stop, you'll have to walk a little bit. It's roughly across from the Eatery.  

This place is absolutely adorable. It's owned by a French couple. There is wireless internet and a wonderful place for studying and for people to meet up and snack. I got myself an americano, a pain au chocolat and a (I don't remember what it is called) almond macaroon. They are so delicately made that it was absolutely worth every penny I paid for.  

The almond macaroon was unlike anything I've tasted before. I am usually not a fan of macaroons because they are exceedingly sweet, but this one was perfect. It's moist inside and has got a lot of almondy flavour.  

The pain au chocolat was equally good. The dough - is that what you call it? - or the pastry part is very very tasty. Unlike some other ones I've tried, this tasted fresh and delicate. I could taste that the chocolate inside is of pretty good quality. It was "oh my!" so good.  

There were so many different things I wanted to try but I've decided to save it for another day. I stayed there for a couple of hours and was very efficient with my studying. I also saw some unsalted organic peanut butter that looked very tasty. I will definitely go back again - maybe soon than expected - and try some of the other delicious treats!

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