Friday, February 6, 2009

A very unique restaurant: East is East

Today I was feeling very out of it and needed some comfort food. I called Ryan and asked him if he wanted to go out for lunch. We met up by the village and took the 99 out to kitsilano. We first thought about going to Calhoun's and when we got there, I really didn't see any comfort food. It is a very nice place to study though and it's got wireless internet. So we decided to go somewhere else for lunch and come back to Calhoun's to study. 

I had a place in mind: East is East. I've never been there but have walked by numerous times. It looks exotic from the outside and I thought we'd be adventurous and give it a shot. We finally got there with our empty stomaches and went inside. It's got the most unique atmosphere and smell and I loved it. The tables were all made from wood and there were Eastern style rags and carpets and pillows. The candle holders were made of some translucent rock and the flickering light from the candles gave them a very natural look. Instead of one of those ugly napkin holders, the square napkins were neatly placed on each table with a rock on top to act as a weight. Each table had different rocks and were carved to say different things. Ours said 'PEACE' in English and Chinese. I really liked the decorations in the restaurant. They provided a very authentic look. 

Once we were seated and got our menus, Ryan and I looked at each other, a little overwhelmed by the atmosphere and the intense music. The server brought us water and two cute little cups of green chai. I like chai but have never tasted something like this. It had a lot of spice and the taste was quite new. 

This is what we ordered.
$15.00 Eastern Plate (served with Dhal soup, salad, roti, afghan and coconut rice) and two choices from the list. 
I got organic lamb kebab and mango butter squash
Ryan got organic lamb kebab and Saag Paneer

The lamb was very tender and simply delicious. I didn't expect the mango butter squash to be paste-like, but it was still really good. I love the taste of mango and it really stood out in this dish. The Saag Paneer consisted of whipped spinach and paneer (Indian cheese) with mushrooms. This tasted very different in a good way. The spinach just sort of melts in your mouth. Note, the Dhal soup was absolutely amazing. 

The portion was not that big but enough to make you satisfied. I thought $15.00 was on the medium-high price range for what we got. The server came back and asked how everything was. We told her that we were very satisfied. She then told us about the "complimentary refill." We were quite confused because it did not say anything about that on the menu. Apparently we could get more of what we just ordered. I asked her what were my choices for refills and she said whichever ones I wanted or all of it. Was I every surprised! So Ryan and I ended up having a whole second plate of what we just ate. Now we were full. 

Very delicious food. 

I think Ryan like Chai now. We went back to Calhoun's and he got Chai latte and I got Chai tea. Calhoun's is always busy and it is a great place to study. The prices are quite reasonable. I've never had breakfast there, but Ryan said breakfast there is pretty good. Reasonable price. The lighting isn't that great in there so it is ideal to sit at a table with lights on top or close by. It's a neat little place and sells all sorts of different dinner foods and desserts. 

It is most unfortunate that I did not bring my camera with me today! Maybe next time!

East is East
3243 W. Broadway

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