Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I have forgotten how much I love croissants. 

I have decided to take exploration trips all over Vancouver to try to find the best croissants. I made my first short trip between my classes today to Patisserie Bordeaux. Their almond croissant is their specialty. I've never had an almond croissant before and I was more than excited to try it. The croissant itself looks smaller than any other croissants I've ever tried before, but the amount of sliced almonds on top and the almond paste buried within the flaky dough is generous. The dough has a lot of texture when you chew on it. I was snickering like a fool as I sat on a stool by the window by myself in Woodward, savouring this delectable treat. Unlike the stale-tasting croissant I had this morning from the cafeteria, this one satisfied my day.

Vancouver Croissant has an attractive website that tells me that their croissants are something special. They have 29 different types of croissants and 4 certified organic croissants. The Burnaby location is where they manufacture the croissants and sell frozen ones by boxes. Capers carry their fresh croissants. I can't wait to make a trip down to 4th Ave. 

William Sonoma sells croissants made by pastry chef Jean-Yves Charon. I think you have to order them and then they get mailed to you. These are frozen ones as well and they are supposedly really really good. 

It is most unfortunate that I do not have a freezer, a kitchen, or an oven. With frozen croissants, they can be taken out the night before and leave in room temperature for proofing. They will double in size and teasingly say "poke me, poke me." Then you poke them and say your ooooo's and ahhh's. You then put these fellows into the oven and when they are golden on top, it is time to enjoy a freshly baked croissant!

Maybe next year...

In the mean time, there is more croissant hunting to do. 

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