Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mmm mm mm

This is a Japanese Restaurant in White Rock Central. Jenny and Helen used to work here so they were responsible for the ordering since they know which dishes are the most popular. 

All the dishes are beautifully presented. Some dishes are quite unusual such as the deep-fried California Roll. I had been craving for Japanese food for the past two weeks and this ultimately satisfied me. 

Gomae: Spinach with Sesame Paste
Very nicely presented and the sesame sauce was absolutely delectable

Philadelphia Roll: Cream Cheese on the inside and salmon on top!

Sockeye Sashimi: mmm delicious

Other dishes we've ordered

Red Dragon: Very spicy but quite delicious. 
Similar to Dynamite Roll (with shrimp tempura inside) with spicy tuna on top

Spicy Tuna: Different colours of fish roe on top! Spicy!
I've only ever seen the orange and green fish roe, never the yellow and black. 

Deep-Fried California Roll: Very unique.

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