Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A girl's second best friend: Chocolate

Chocolate is one of my favourite things in the world. It has a history of over 2000 years. The first people who discovered the secret of cacao (Kah-Koo) were the Maya and the Aztecs. They consumed it as a bitter drink with spice, much different from the now conventional 'hot chocolate', and was considered a luxurious beverage for royalty. Chocolate also played a role in the event of religious ceremonies. It was presented as an offering to the Gods in these cultures.

A good place for Aztec style hot chocolate in Vancouver is Chocoatl, located at 1127 Mainland St. in Yaletown. The hot chili pepper flavour in hot chocolate is very unique. 

More information about the history and making of chocolate can be found here.

Daily Candy sent out a video today regarding the chocolaterie Fine & Raw chocolate.
The video is very interesting and now I'm craving for chocolates!

Fine & Raw, a Brooklyn based chocolaterie, produces raw chocolates without sugar, dairy products and any other additives. It uses natural ingredients to produce the most natural form of this luxurious good. Cacao has high nutritious values. It is one of top food sources for antioxidants and magnesium. 

Please don't think that all chocolates are nutritious. It is a common misconception. Firstly, dark chocolate is more nutritious than milk chocolate or white chocolate. Secondly, the ubiquitous chocolate treats that kids eat today (chocolate bars) contains large amount of sugar and additives.

The ingredients used in Fine & Raw products:

The Blue Agave Nectar: This natural nectar is extracted from the Mexican high desert cacti. It is sweeter than sugar, but lower in calories.  

Coconut oil: virgin and cold pressed.

Himalayan Sea Salt: The purest form of sodium found deep within the Himalayan Mountains. It contains abundant minerals and is convinced by natural health practitioners that it can improve people's health. 

PS Chocolate is so delicious
PSS I wouldn't mind having some right now

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