Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A morning walk

I went to bed pretty late last night; however, I got up fairly early and decided to go for a walk. I started walking down 10th and was amused by how cute some of the houses were. It wasn't a good day for taking photos. It was a dark, gloomy day (at least in the morning). I still enjoyed myself though. 

Bottom Right photo: This house looked quite out of place. All the other houses were cottage-like little houses and this one was more modern looking than most. At the top window, a mannequin can be seen. Every time I walk or bus by, the mannequin is always dressed in a different garment. I wonder what the owner of this house does for a living? A designer? Perhaps. 

According to Ryan, I never shut up about this bakery. The thing is, it is so peculiar and inviting. It's extraordinary. It stands out from its surroundings. I have yet to try the bread there. My intention was to get the artisan peasant bread from there today, but it was closed today. It seems like most unique patisseries and boulangeries are closed on Mondays. One of my favourite places, Patisserie Bordeaux, was closed today as well. I was craving for an almond croissant...

I've gone to Transivania Bakery numerous times to try to get the famous, rustic peasant bread, but I was always 10 steps too late. They sell out very quickly. When I eventually get a loaf, I will write another blog. 

Folkart Interiors is a Canadian antique store located on 10th just before Alma. Like the bakery, the shop has character. Many stores weren't open yet when I was taking my walk so I could only peek in. It looked like a very fascinating store. It reminds me of a lifestyle in the country. It's soothing and relaxing. 

PS The weather seems to be getting better and better. Maybe summer is finally coming..
PSS 3 more exams.


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