Thursday, March 11, 2010

{{ spaghetti carbonara }}

Many French and Italian dishes have pancetta in their ingredient lists. Since pancetta can be expensive here in North America, people tend to use an alternative, bacon! From what I've read, pancetta is similar to bacon but cured differently, thus giving a more old world flavour to dishes like carbonara.

I've only made carbonara once before and that was before I knew what carbonara was. I followed the recipe from an Italian cookbook that I can't seem to recall the name right now, and I substituted pancetta with bacon. Even though the flavour was delightful, it was very dry. So couple of years have passed since I've craved to have carbonara again. This time, it will be different!

I bought some pancetta from Meinhardt yesterday while I was wondering around South Granville. I plan to make spaghetti carbonara tonight following a recipe from The Silver Spoon.

I await, for the evening to come!

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